Hang up a puzzle with a puzzle frame

Here's how it's done

Already since the 17th century, the puzzle has been a popular puzzle game for young and old, and enjoys great popularity all over the world. Since then, there are puzzles in various sizes, shapes, designs and of course difficulty levels. But just as varied as the puzzles themselves are the motifs that are printed on them. There are no limits to creativity. Often the motifs are so beautiful that you want to hang up the puzzle. For this you need a puzzle frame, a picture frame for puzzles, and other things.

You need this to hang the puzzle

It does not always have to be art or photography. Hanging up a puzzle is also suitable in many cases as an alternative decoration for your own four walls. If the jigsaw puzzle was particularly heavy, it also looks like a trophy for your own jigsaw performance. If you want to hang up a jigsaw puzzle, you need the following utilities:

Puzzle frame, a picture frame for puzzles

Glue or special Puzzle Conserver

Smooth base e.g.: old newsprint or baking paper

Hang the puzzle in 5 easy steps

Even before all the utilities for hanging the puzzle are together, you should think about whether the puzzle should be glued or not. The gluing of puzzles has some advantages, such as improved stability. Furthermore, jigsaw puzzles are preserved by gluing and keep their colourfulness for a longer time.

The big disadvantage of gluing puzzles on the other hand is that you can't do puzzles with it. Here it is important to weigh up in each individual case, on which you attach the most importance. Once the glue is applied, it usually cannot be removed. If you want to hang up larger puzzles, you should glue them in any case. In these five

Do you need a special puzzle frame?

You do not need a special puzzle frame to hang up puzzles. But you should make sure that there is enough space between the back wall and the glazing of the frame. Strictly speaking there are no special picture frames for puzzles.
These are only called so for one reason: The size. Many picture frames for puzzles are therefore already available in the right size for the common puzzle formats. However, it is best if the picture frame for the puzzle can be ordered directly to measure. This way you play it safe and the puzzle fits.

Design and order customised puzzle frames online

With the myposterframe.com product configurator you can design and order your individual custom-made puzzle frame online. You can choose between many different materials, shapes, colours and glazings for your puzzle frame. Finally, the desired size is specified and the picture frame is delivered to you within a few days. Our frames also offer enough space for puzzles of all kinds between the back wall and the glazing. Now: